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We help people take great photos and build profitable businesses that change lives. We’re high school sweethearts, former elementary school teachers and professional photographers. We're experts at making the complex feel simple and believe education is serious business, but learning should be fun.

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Friday Fun | Edition 9

Happy Friday, friends!

If you’re new to Friday Fun, click here to read the first one before you get started! And if you’re already familiar with Friday Fun, welcome back! Here’s a recap of some of our favorite moments from the week: the small little things that may or may not matter, but nonetheless colored and flavored our week:

— We did this maternity session. And now Jordan wants a man bun.

— We went to Snooze this week (which is our favorite brunch spot in the world) and they surprised us with a free pancake. It was some cinnamon caramel-glazed plate of perfection, and we’re pretty sure it was sprinkled with crack. It was that good. The best part? (Other than the free pancake, of course). The servers all remember our names when we go in! And it just makes us so happy. Like we live in Stars Hallow. Snooze is our Luke’s. And if you know what we mean, well then, we’re probably best friend material.

— Our new business cards and stationary arrived this week! And now we’re finding every excuse we can to hand someone our business card.

— We participated in the annual upscale “open house” of sorts at one of our favorite venues in town (the only one we do all year!) and to get brides’ attention to come to our booth, Jordan told them our business card was — their ticket for the gelato booth. Their ticket to the gelato booth! “Oh, sure, just show this (you don’t have to give it to him!) to the nice gentleman over there and he’ll give you any flavor you want!” Amy left for five minutes and came back to that! Jordan Demos, everyone. Jordan. Demos.

—We saw this article. Then Amy wrestled the credit card away from Jordan. Because you know he’d pay just about anything to have William Wallace the Cat with him twenty-four-seven.

— Speaking of sugar and calories, we’re going on a real vacation soon (hooray!) to somewhere warm and tropical, and let us level with you: Jordan’s winter “Dad bod” isn’t cutting it. So, he’s been pulling double-duty at the gym two-three hours every day to try and get back into fighting shape before we depart (or disembark, we should say).

— Amy discovered something on Jordan’s phone that she couldn’t believe… but made her laugh. His morning alarm has a title. And it’s not “Alarm” or “Wake-Up.” It’s… wait for it… kids of the nineties, you’ll appreciate it…

Rise and shine. It’s bobsled time!

Remember that?

— We got into a bad habit (again) a few weeks ago of a) not having groceries at home, so b) we went to Chipotle every day. It wasn’t all bad. We did get a free burrito one day without a side of bacterial disease (too soon?), but the eating out needed to stop. Especially since we got a free burrito the same week we got a free pancake. So, we got groceries. See below for more.

— We both like bacon and eggs, so we’ve been having that for breakfast on English muffins with tomatoes slices. It’s kind of like a poor man’s Eggs Benedict. Because we’re lazy and not the best cooks and not nearly as fit as we once were, we cook our bacon on this. What’s the point? It has three racks, one piece of bacon on each side, for a total of six slices. See more below.

— Our poor man’s Eggs Benedict only requires two pieces of bacon each, so we’ve had extra bacon each morning (one piece each). The first time Jordan served Amy her plate, she looked up, smiled like a little girl, and exclaimed, “I got bonus bacon!” The key to a great marriage, friends, is this: a wife who gets that excited about things like that. It’s like throwing rice at the side of a barn for Jordan. He can’t possibly miss.

— We shot the most colorful wedding of our lives this week. And worked with smoke bombs for the first time. All we have to say is HOLY SMOKES, YA’LL. It was awesome. And we don’t even say “ya’ll.”

— We both went to the dentist this week and got good reports! But we were reminded of how awkward it is when someone asks you questions… when you can’t possibly respond. Needless to say, we rocked the thumbs up and “mmmhmmms” for like thirty solid minutes.

— If Amy has to hear, But the dentist said… one more time, she’s going to kill her husband. And that would be the end of Friday Fun.

— We live down. the. street. from the famous Phoenix Open and the (in)famous 16th hole. It’s been called “the loudest hole in golf.”  Some sweet friends of ours (you might remember them) have two extra tickets and WE DO NOT HAVE A WEDDING, so we’re going tomorrow! Expect a full recap on next week’s Friday Fun and some fun selfies of us there on Jordan’s Instagram — the account where the party’s at! (He’s trying to make that a thing.)

And there you have it! This week’s Friday Fun! Class dismissed. Have a great weekend, friends!

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  1. Erika

    February 5th, 2016 at 5:29 am

    Oh my gosh!!! I just love this!!! This is the funniest and best thing ever!!!!

  2. Amy & Jordan

    February 12th, 2016 at 3:01 pm

    Haha thanks Erika! These might just be our favorite series to write 🙂

  3. Casey

    May 6th, 2016 at 12:02 pm

    Beautiful pictures!! Any way to find out where the pink dress is from?

  4. Amy & Jordan

    May 10th, 2016 at 11:28 am

    Thank you! Ah! I can’t remember where it’s from!

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The Amy & Jordan Store

Courses & Tools for Photographers   

We help people take better photos and build successful photography businesses. We’re high school sweethearts, former elementary school teachers and professional photographers. We're experts at making the complex feel simple and believe education is serious business, but learning should be fun.

hey, we're amy & jordan!


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