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There we were. Sunday morning. Yesterday morning. Father’s Day morning. The summer sun had been up for less than an hour, and we were already dressed, packed and sitting in a car full of gear in the Starbucks drive-thru at 6:00 a.m. Puffy-eyed, yawning like crazy, we almost didn’t go to sleep the night before because we were afraid we wouldn’t wake up the next morning for our sixth shoot in six days. We’ve had what might’ve been the busiest two weeks of our career. Maybe of our life! And. we. were. tired. If you’ve been keeping up with our crazy antics, you know that in the last 14 days, we were counselors at our church’s overnight summer camp in the woods and shot one of Amy’s best friend’s wedding where she played both photographer and bridesmaid, then we came home and were sworn in as Regional Directions of Education on the board of a wedding professionals organization we’re proud to be a part of. We completed a massive, over-the-top beautiful styled shoot with an incredible creative team (can’t wait to share!), we ran two coaching sessions, shot two elopements, two weddings, two portraits sessions, and made time to write two newsletters and ten blog posts. We celebrated Father’s Day on two separate days for both of our families, and even had time for the doctor (no breaks!), the dentist (no cavities!), and even saw glimpses of our friends! Whew! Like we said, it’s been a long two weeks. Even for us, the Energizer Bunnies, it was a lot to take on.

A few close friends noticed the uptick in our pace over the past few weeks and offered a few comments, questions, and observations about our go-go-go lifestyle, everything from “Um, your life exhausts ME!” to “Your Instagram eyes get puffier every time I see you!” We even got a text from one of our great friends and all it said was, “How do you do it?”

The short answer?  Lots and lots of coffee!

Our favorite comment of all might’ve come from an observant friend on Instagram who pointed out, “Those coffees keep getting bigger!” And. boy. she. was. right.

In true Lorelai Gilmore fashion, these two weeks have been fueled by the warm, piping goodness that is coffee, coffee, coffee!! Skinny vanilla lattes to be exact. Amy loves her lattes. She likes the smell of regular coffee, but will rarely drink it unless it’s steamed with milk and a pump of vanilla sugary goodness. The “skinny” part? Makes us feel better when we order it, but let’s face it, folks, there is nothing skinny about this habit! Most of the time, we’re both pretty opposed to spending five dollars on one drink at the place Dave Ramsey playfully calls Fivebucks instead of Starbucks, except when we’re in pure survival mode. And it’s been a pure survival mode kind of month! We used to share a tall, but as the long hours and early mornings piled up these past few weeks, we graduated to sharing a grande, and, on the last day of six shoots in a row, we upgraded to a venti. And sharing? Not happening! Amy wanted a barrel or an IV, but they didn’t have either. She was disappointed, but life is full of disappointments, right? Big and small… or venti and tall, in this case.

Yet, amidst the chaos of the last two weeks, no matter how tired we’ve felt, we’ve had remarkable amounts of energy. Adrenaline rushes that even the caffeine can’t explain or take credit for. But our clients can. Because every time we see them, we’re reminded that we’re blessed beyond belief to be tired beyond compare in the service of people we love beyond measure.

Yes, God is good indeed…

Coffee coffee coffee_0006

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  1. Carri Behal says:

    I love the Lorelai Gilmore reference! That is my all time favorite show 🙂

  2. Liz Waterman says:

    You both are an inspiration!!! You truly have the joy of Christ and have exemplified a godly marriage and love towards others! And I am such a starbucks and Gilmore Girl’s lover! Just started your course recently and can’t wait to keep learning! Thanks for all you both do!

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