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The AJ Posing Course

learn how to...

Get confident posing anyone and create the images of your dreams

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I want the strategies to flatter people of all shapes and sizes and help them love the way they look in my photos

I want my photos to look fresh, natural and spontaneous, but they often look stiff, awkward, boring or uncomfortable 


My photos are still missing that "X Factor"


I freeze up when I'm directing clients and resort to doing the same poses again and again


I'm nervous before shoots and try to "cram" Pinterest poses right before, but still feel stressed 






We'll show you how to take any session from awkward to awesome

Goodbye, nerves!
Say hello to fresh, joyful, flattering posing your clients love.

Goodbye, nerves!
Say hello to fresh, joyful, flattering posing your clients love.

If you ever feel nervous before sessions, freeze up while you're shooting, rely on the same poses over and over or feel like your photos are missing that special "X-factor," this course is for you! We'll show you our system for posing EVERY type of person, so you can walk into every kind of session CONFIDENT you'll create the photos of your dreams. 


photos by aj posing course students

photos by aj posing course students

Never freeze up at a session again

Never freeze up at a session again

Get confident posing anyone and create dream photos

“This course is a LIFESAVER!!!”

This course is a LIFESAVER!!! My wedding yesterday was running super behind and left us with 15 MINUTES for portraits!!! Normally I would freeze in fear but because of this course we were able to knock out gorgeous portraits and get them to their reception right on time!!

Katy from South carolina

“The Posing Course course is a GAME CHANGER!!!”

I can't even recommend this course enough! It was like a light bulb went off after watching! My confidence grew 10x not only with my interactions with clients on a shoot, but just across the board in general in my business! I now go into a session with a FLOW and I never miss a beat! BUY IT! BUY IT NOW!!! This course is a GAME CHANGER!!

Amy from iowa

“I have truly broken up with Pinterest! 1,000 times worth the investment!”

Amy and Jordan!!! I can't even. Posing has always felt SO overwhelming to me-- Even taking other posing courses from photographers I truly love and admire, I've NEVER been able to keep it all straight! I just got into the posing pyramid module of your course, and I'm giddy excited because it FINALLY MAKES SENSE!!! You break posing down so specifically and explain each step in such a systematic way, that I'm totally confident it's doable. I can't thank you enough for teaching to all learning styles, and for making sure you don't leave anything to vague interpretation!

diane from arizona

“I can't even. Giddy excited. Posing finally makes sense!”

The Posing Course was something I wasn't so sure about before I bought it. Could it really be worth it? Oh. MY. GOODNESS!!! It was 1,000 times worth the investment! It has proven to be so, so beneficial in my shooting process. After only one year into photography, I am not a hair nervous on my shoots. Especially when it comes to posing. I can't believe how far I've come in such a short amount of time. The caliber of my work has increased leaps and bounds due to this course. Thank you so much Amy and Jordan!! You are both such natural educators, with a zest for what you do, and who make all things make sense. The posing pyramid is so easy to remember. I have truly broken up with Pinterest!

Erin from north carolina

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Teen/Senior Boys

Teen/senior girls

little kids

bridal parties


bride & groom




Types of Posing Covered

photograph people? this is for you

bigger kids

real talk:

We don't leave anything to chance. 

We've developed a foolproof posing system that works on ANYONE regardless of shape, size, age, situation or comfort level in front of the camera. From families with children, to graduating seniors, to brides, grooms and their bridal parties, we'll walk you step-by-step through a proven posing system anyone can use.

This course reveals all of our posing secrets,
and we don't hold anything back.

And we're not holding anything back. 

Wanna know how we create images that feel so spontaneous, natural, joyful and full of life with regular people we've never met before?

With This Course    

Feel confident no matter who you're posing

Make your clients look and feel better than ever before

Create images that look natural, spontaneous and joyful

you can...

Hear clients rave about their session and increase demand/pricing

Get a big variety of images in a time crunch (hello, mini-sessions!)

This is Exactly what I need!

Meet Amy and Jordan

Amy and Jordan are a husband and wife team who have been professional photographers and educators for over a decade. With no formal training in photography, they went from being elementary school teachers to making six figures as full-time wedding and portrait photographers. Their work has been featured in People Magazine, US Weekly and E!

Named "Top 10 Educators to Watch" by Rangefinder Magazine, Amy and Jordan specialize in making complicated concepts feel simple and fun. Today, they have over 30,000 students in their signature online photography courses.

When Amy and Jordan aren’t teaching, they're at home in Nashville, TN, spending time in their favorite (and most important) role: Mom and Dad to Beckett, Emily, and Ellie.

get to know your teachers

"top 10 educators to watch"- rangefinder magazine

as seen in:

- The huffington post

"While some photographers closely guard their secrets...
Amy and Jordan feel like instant friends who want you to succeed." 

Why Learn From Amy and Jordan?

the aj difference

the aj difference

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I want to be part of this too!

What Are Real People Saying?

word on the street

I want to be part of this too!

What Are Real People Saying?

word on the street

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Wedding Photographers

The Wedding Couple, Bridal Party, Family Portraits

Portrait Photographers

Families, Individuals, Kids & Teens, Maternity


If you photograph people, this course is for you

like 2 courses in 1










Get All Our Posing Secrets To...

Worth every penny

One Low Price

+ college photo degree: $40,000

+ similar courses: $1,000+

+ this course: only $597!

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Here's what you get when you enroll:

15+ Hours of engaging lessons

114 page digital student workbook

In-Person posing demo by A&J

3 uncut portrait posing sessions

Posing "magic" revealed session With real couple

access to AJ's private posing community

In this live demonstration, we spill all of our tricks for making every BODY look BEAUTIFUL and COMFORTABLE, regardless of shape, size, age or comfort level, in front of a live studio audience full of photographers. This course is your backstage pass into that room! 

Never-before-seen raw footage of us on three real shoots, including a full family session with two children, a bride and groom and a couple's session! The mics are hot and the cameras don't stop rolling, so you can see and hear every word of how we pose clients on actual sessions. No plan. No script. Just real life.

We put you right inside our heads during this live demo, where we spill our secrets as we pose a former AJ bride and her husband while we teach live to camera, so you can do more than just see how we're posing them. We tell you what we're doing and exactly why we're doing it, so you can be empowered to make posing decisions confidently on the fly. 

100% Money Back Guarantee

The Posing Course is backed by our honest 100% money back guarantee. So there's ZERO RISK to you! If you purchase the course, watch all the lessons, complete the workbook and, in good faith, tell us you're not a better photographer as a result of the course, email us within 30 days of your purchase with your completed workbook and we'll refund your entire purchase.

money back 


But we're confident you won't need it.
Because if you do the work,
this stuff works. 

So, is it really worth it?

straight from the students

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So, is it really worth it?

straight from students

This course is PERFECT for you if...

You feel stuck in your ways and know you need more variety in your posing

You're done "cramming" on Pinterest right before a session and stressing

You want to make your clients look better than ever before.

Your photos are good, but they're still just missing that "X" factor

You freeze up during sessions, draw a blank and keep reverting to the same poses over and over

You want a posing experience that will help bring you solid word of mouth referral

You want your photos to feel natural, fresh, comfortable and flattering

You 're ready to feel confident no matter who you're posing.

You're ready to have clients raving about their experience with you to their friends.

You want to go full time with photography and raise your prices and demand

real testimonials

Straight from our Students

Confidence in your posing is just a click away

We're so excited to welcome you to the Posing Course! Get ready to say goodbye to being nervous before sessions. No more freezing up. No more stress. Say hello to fresh, natural, joyful, flattering posing with confidence during any type of session. 

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