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Weekly live group coaching and community for photographers who want to grow in their craft, make more money, and thrive.


Brand New!

The Extra Support You Need to Fast Track Your Growth

live group coaching with A&J
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Live image & portfolio critiques
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 What should I work on this week? What lens should I buy next? How do I balance my work with my life? 

What should I do next?

Are these skin tones off? What is this photo missing? Could this be any better? What should I post?

Am I on the right track?

Is this overexposed? Am I priced too high? How do I know if I'm ready to charge? What should I say to this client?

Is this even right?


Maybe you've wondered...

85% of photographers quit or give up in the first three years.

did you know?

your dream is too important to leave it to chance

don't become a statistic

Let's beat the odds. Together.

Let's put a stake in the ground. Instead of being a part of the 85% of photographers who give up or quit, we want to invite YOU to be part of the 15% of photographers who beat the odds. Let us come alongside you to help you navigate the challenges, avoid the pitfalls and get the confidence, accountability, direction, motivation and community you need to succeed long term with The AJ Ignite Summer Bootcamp. 

Be part of the 15% club

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The Photography Phone-A-Friends You Always Wanted

We will always remember what it was like to hold a camera in our hands and feel completely intimidated. We were two elementary school teachers with no experience in photography or business, looking around at the saturated photography market thinking there was no room for us. 

We went from not knowing "white balance"  was a thing to building a six-figure photography business our first year full-time, and have since been helping photographers all over the world hit their goals. With over 20,000 course students and more than a decade of experience, we have a proven track record of student success.  

If you've ever thought "I wish I could just ask Amy and Jordan..." or yearned for someone to just tell you what to do next to grow.... If you love our courses, and want the extra support, guidance, and motivation you need ... If you want to avoid overwhelm, take the next right step, feel fulfilled, confident, make more money and live a life you love, The AJ Ignite Summer Bootcamp is for you. 

“Our business has grown and flourished so much thanks to everything we've learned from A&J.”

Amy and Jordan took us to the next level. From being really disorganized to having a purpose behind everything. Being a great photographer is not the final destination. It's how to be a great business person. And that's what Amy and Jordan do so well."  

katie and Alec SAY

Photographers say...

“My family will never be the same because of what I learned from Amy and Jordan.”

Before A&J, I had no idea what I was doing. They give you practical, actionable steps that made me realize "Oh my goodness! I think I can do this and still maintain my dream of being a stay at home mom!

molly says

“Every single time I watch A&J, I get some new nugget to take away and apply to my life and business.”

Amy and Jordan do NOT just care about you having a successful business. They care about you having a successful life! 
They feel like friends who taught me how to have a thriving photography business.

Dennah says

What's It like to learn from A&J

Always growing, always learning

Invest in Yourself

+ private coaching: $5,000 a month+

+ AJ IGNITE summer Bootcamp:

only $99 for the whole summer! 


Let's beat the odds, Together. 

Because it doesn't matter how successful your photography business is if it feel like your life is falling apart behind the scenes! At the end of every call, get the strategies we use to optimize the most important parts of our life so you have not only a business, but a life that you truly love. 

Get a 30 min BONUS life session with every call 

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money management

intentional living

work/life balance

marriage & parenting

saving money

busy life hacks

What is the AJ Ignite Summer Bootcamp?

Weekly live group coaching with A&J and exclusive community for photographers who want to grow in their craft, make more money, and thrive.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many live calls with A&J are included with the bootcamp?

Twelve! (Four calls a month) If you ever thought "I wish I could ask Amy and Jordan..." now you can get mentorship from A&J in a group setting every week!

What if I can't attend one of the calls live?

We've got you covered! You can pre-submit your questions and you'll get a recording of the call, so you can watch any time that's convenient for you!

You'll also have access to the exclusive, private bootcamp community (not on Facebook!) so you can ask questions and get feedback there from other like-minded photographers, and still participate in all the challenges! 

Will Amy and Jordan be able to answer ALL of my questions?

A&J will do their very best to answer as many questions live as possible, but they won't be able to answer every question. The good news is the twelve calls provide plenty of opportunities to ask your questions, and you'll get to benefit from all the other questions asked by your peers.  You'll also have access to a private community of like-minded photographers (off Facebook) where you can ask your questions, get feedback, encouragement and more!

Will everyone get their own portfolio and website critique from A&J?

As much as Amy and Jordan would love to do this for every bootcamper, it won't be possible, which is why they'll select a few people each call to use as a learning opportunity for everyone's benefit!

Are there refunds offered with this bootcamp?

Due to the nature of this live experience, refund requests cannot be met, but we're so confident you'll get so much value out of this bootcamp that you'll be so glad you invested in yourself and your photography business! 

When will the live calls with Amy and Jordan be?

Your first call will be next week! You'll get an email once a week letting you know the time and date of each particular call. 

invest in yourself

The Only Summer Pass that will Make You Money

Sure, waterparks and summer camp are fun, but at the end of the summer, you'll end up with less money, not more, unless you take a step to invest in yourself. Join our community of photographers who are committed to growth, so you can shoot more confidently, make more money and thrive this fall and beyond.