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“It’s a boy!” proclaimed Jordan’s mom, Kate, as she embraced Reid as her new son-in-law, overlooking the Sedona red rocks moments after her daughter said “I do.” She finally had a son to welcome into her family. For the past 28 years, Jordan has been Kate’s pride and joy. From the minute they left their familiar and comfortable life in South Africa more than 20 years ago, all Kate wanted to do was provide the most fruitful life for Jordan in the United States. That she did –– and more. As Jordan and Reid shared their vows and committed their lives to one another atop the iconic Sedona red rocks, the dreams Kate had for her daughter, as they boarded the plane to America 20 years ago, were, in a word: fulfilled. The seven-year-old blue-eyed blonde boarding that plane was now the glowing bride, dressed in white, walking toward her forever.

Jordan and Reid met in a way only a romantic comedy could spur-on. They were assigned to a mutual client, and couldn’t ignore the magnetic spark they both felt. After asking permission from their bosses to explore a romantic relationship outside of the office, they quickly realized they had so much more in common than their accounting degrees. They both have a passion for travel that has led them all over the globe, from Paris to Japan, and everywhere in between. They had big plans for an international wedding in South Africa, but, as we all know, 2020 had other plans. Like so many of our couples this year, Jordan and Reid were thrown a curveball. After weeks (that turned into months) of deliberation, they came to one conclusion: they just wanted to be married. They wanted to commit their lives to each other as soon as possible without having to wait on the world. So, they decided to gather their closest friends and family and escape to a place where everything else seems to melt away.

So a few weeks ago, there we were, in the middle of one of God’s most beautiful creations; but even amongst that beauty, we couldn’t take our eyes off of Reid and Jordan. Their contagious joy and love for one another was infectious. We always say that love is friendship set on fire, and in just the few hours we spent with these two, it was so easy to see that they personify every bit of that.

Jordan and Reid, we felt so honored to be part of such an intimate moment. One that you’ll look back on in fifty years and be so proud that you put each other first. Never forget that feeling. Reid, never forget to remind Jordan why you love her, just like you told her in your vows that day on the rocks. And Jordan, never forget to be the constant supporter for Reid that you promised him you’d be as you said, “I do.” We loved every minute capturing your red rock elopement and we’re so grateful you trusted us with the most important moment of your new life together. The two of you are such a beautiful couple inside and out, and we can’t wait to see what your future holds.

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  1. First time here, your photos are beautiful.

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