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We help people take great photos and build profitable businesses that change lives. We’re high school sweethearts, former elementary school teachers and professional photographers. We're experts at making the complex feel simple and believe education is serious business, but learning should be fun.

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Beckett’s Fourth Month & First Flight

We’ve had a baby for OVER 100 DAYS?! Whaaattt?! Every parent who ever said, “The days are long and the years are short…” You win. You couldn’t have been more right. Our new life mission is to go on Shark Tank with a patent-pending machine that allows Moms and Dads to stop time — or at least go back in time to the moments that have proven to be all too fleeting.

We’re excited to share another Demos Family Update with you! These monthly posts have two purposes. First, in the midst of the all this parenting busyness (which we’re sure will just get busier), these posts help us remember the little things that really make life good. The small moments that we don’t want to forget. (Also, it helps us hold ourselves accountable to organize our family photos on a regular basis — because Lord knows we need deadlines! — so our pictures don’t end up just piled up in a disorganized digital shoebox!) But mostly, we’re just grateful for the privilege of sharing our life with you. Whether you’ve been with us for years, or this is your first day, thank you for caring enough to check in! We hope our little corner of the Internet is a place that feels like home.

Here’s what happened in Beckett’s fourth month on Planet Earth:

— We took our first flight as a family! Twelve hours of door-to-door travel from the West Coast to our friends’ house on the East Coast taught us a few things about traveling with a little…

1. Don’t gate check the carseat and stroller when you have to change planes. Rookie mistake. 

2. DO accept a free glass of wine from the kind male steward with the southern accent. “It’s a long flight. You’re gonna need it,” he said. And he was right. 

3. When in doubt, MILK. It’s like CLR. It solves everything.

4. Pray for the person who’s supposed to be in your row to miss their flight. Just kidding. Pray for them to get upgraded! We had our own row on the flight from Phoenix to Charlotte. And. It. Was. Glorious. That middle seat is like First Class for babies. We told Becks not to get used to it.

* God Bless gate agent Donna from American Airlines (wherever you are!) for moving us to an empty row. And thank you God for sitting a grandmother next to us on all the other flights. As a new parent, there’s nothing better than the person next to you saying, “I have eight!”

5. Parent Hack: When flying an airline with assigned seating (and you don’t need to put anything in the overhead bins) wait until the VERY last minute to board the plane. That way, you minimize the amount of time you’re sitting.

— Speaking of boarding, Becks thought it would be great idea to save all of his #2 for two minutes before boarding. Thank you, son. It’s a good thing you’re so. dang. cute.

— When we travel, we both tend to gain a few pounds. It’s a combination of a lack of sleep, hydration, exercise and bad nutrition. It wasn’t as extreme this time, though, because part of our “See if we can get Beckett not to cry on the plane” strategy involved Jordan holding him overhead half the flight so he could look at all the people behind us.

— That’s been another development of Month Four. Becks is holding his head up like a champ. His favorite move is when Jordan holds him over his shoulder.

— When he pops out over our shoulders, he looks like a little prairie dog… with the cheeks of a bull dog.

— Becks got to meet a lot of babies this month. Jordan’s almost Irish twin younger brother visited from Texas with his wife, Meagan, and their three-month-old son, Brock.

— Even though Jordan and Stefan look alike, their boys couldn’t be more different. Stefan’s son looks Greek, like his dad. Beckett looks like a hairless version of his mom. THOSE ARE SOME STRONG WHITE GENES, AMY DEMOS.

— We also went to Northern California this month to see some of our best friends, Anna and Ryan (and their baby boy, Gray).

— We flew Southwest this time… and shamefully? shamelessly? used Beckett as a deterrent/repellent.

— That brings us to our next New Parent Flight Hack: During boarding, Amy sat by the window. Jordan sat with Becks in the aisle. We left the middle seat open. The entire time passengers boarded the plane, Jordan bounced Becks in his lap and said things like, Do you see all the people? Do you like making new friends? 

— It worked. We got our own row! And probably did everyone else a public service.

— In FAIRNESS to Beckett, though, he cried less than one minute on each flight.

— In fairness to Amy, she should get the credit for the nursing overload.

— We loved our time in Wine Country with our friends. We’d never been to Napa and Sonoma before. It’s the only place in the world that rivals the Tuscan countryside.

— We got the cutest AirBnb bungalow in a town just outside of Sonoma called Kenwood. Other than a few wine tastings here and there, we spent most of our time cooking at “home,” having great conversation and playing the only board game that we always pack in our suitcase: Settlers of Catan.

— Jordan would like the world to know that he won 5/8 games. Much to everyone’s delight, he still won’t stop talking about it. Even now. On our blog.

— We finished out the trip by taking family photos in a nearby vineyard. Picture each dad, standing behind the camera, making every silly sound and ridiculous movement to get ONE SMILE from the babies. Kids, this would all be easier if you would just do what we say, is a phrase we can empathize with now.

— The sun doesn’t set until 8:30 in California, so we had to keep the boys up past their bedtime. But they were both champs, which made their mamas very happy. We never got a smile from either one, but they also didn’t cry! We consider that a vacation miracle.

— Lastly, in all seriousness, just for a second, even though we usually keep these posts fun and light, the reason we traveled to Virginia last-minute was for a memorial service for some of our best friends’ son, James. If you don’t know Katelyn and Michael and haven’t been following their story, we’d really encourage you to take some time to read their blog posts about their experience of carrying a baby they knew they were going to lose. It’ll change your life… if you let it.

Becks gladly held his own boarding pass for his very first flight.

A whole row to ourselves!! (AKA winning the first-time parent lottery)We learned quickly: when in doubt, nurse, nurse, nurse. Also, Beckett was practicing for his Handmaid’s Tale audition.Jordan also worked hard to keep this guy from cracking.Becks really did so great! SO much better than we could’ve imagined! We’d choose to travel with him in a plane over a car any day!Getting to meet his bestie Gray for the first time was SO special! We waited a YEAR for this! Even though these were definitely not the circumstances we’d hoped would bring us to the east coast, there were also so many moments of joy… So thankful for these sweet friends!It was so surreal to get to “normal” things, like stroll around the neighborhood and even just hang around the house, with TWO BABIES! Even though Becks was a champ on the road, he definitely loves being at home the best.
This month he held a toy on his own for the very first time, and then never stopped! We keep laughing about how many sweet soft, neutral baby things we got, and how he loves this bright orange fox the most.
His big personality shines through a little more every day.
Watching the World Cup on Father’s Day weekend.
We photographed our first engagement session since Beckett’s been born, and it felt like no time had passed at all! The entire session was so smooth and fun… until RIGHT at the end. Amy hit a cactus and it lodged into her ankle. Luckily, we had TWO doctors on hand!In between our trips this month, we got to spend some time with our families here…Fun fact: all three of the Demos boys had a baby in the last twelve months, so when his younger brother, Stefan, came in town from Texas to introduce the family to our newest nephew, Brock, we had to get a photo of them all together.

Somehow that little guy in the middle missed the memo on Greek genes!More family time! Pretty soon we were back to the airport for Beckett’s SECOND trip! He’s quickly becoming a travel pro! We had the best time meeting Anna and Ryan in Napa. From a parents day out (thanks Aunt Caelen and Uncle Austin!)  to lots of time around our cute AirBnB, it was such a refreshing, life-giving weekend and the perfect pace for two sets of new parents! We also got the boys out for their very first photo shoot! They didn’t quite smile when the real cameras were up, but they also DIDN’T CRY! We consider that a BIG WIN! A photo that was a year in the making!! Back at home, we’re just trying to cherish every single day with our little guy. He’s getting more and more fun all the time, and we wish we could freeze this season forever. What better way to wrap up this post than with our new FAVORITE photo! We love you Beckett Harry Demos!!

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hey, we're amy & jordan!

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